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Roof Replacement: Things to Consider

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When you’re in the planning stages of a roof replacement it pays to consider not just who you’ll hire as your roof contractor, but the overall look and style of roof that you’re after. Since a roof makes a significant first impression, you don’t want your roof to look “good”. You want it to look fantastic. These tips will help you achieve curb-worthy results that amp up your home’s presence.

Hire a Qualified Roofer

Don’t get stuck in a roofing scam trap. This is especially common after a storm when roofers head to the latest town of damage and operate a fly by night roofing operation. While you might be enticed by their estimate, many of these roofers have been known to take the money and run or even worse, perform shoddy work. Ensure your roofing contractor has a valid business license as well as proof of liability and worker’s compensation. Working with a local roofing company that has an official business address will help you avoid this mistake.

Get Inspired

If you want to know which color shingles or materials will look best on your home, simply drive around your neighborhood for inspiration. Check out houses that have a color palette similar to your own and see what type and color shingles look best. Since you’re in the remodeling phase you might even consider changing your shutters or the color of your front door to really make your new roof pop.

Review Your Contact

No matter the type of home remodeling project you should always review a work contract carefully. The last thing you want is to get hit later with unexpected expenses that could extend beyond your budget. Your roofer should have a detailed proposal that outlines the work that will be performed, the type of roofing materials and color, as well as all the fine details of the job, including the proposed start and completion date.

Check Out Other Products

The most exciting thing about shingles is that they’ve come a long way in both their appearance and performance. There are many more colors than just basic brown or gray. From multi-dimensional shingles to synthetic types that mimic clay or slate, there’s an abundance of different shingles that will change the way your home looks while enhancing its architectural style.

Roof Replacement: Work with the Pros

Heritage Construction is a family-owned Texas roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacement. Whether it’s deciding on what type of shingle will look and function best to helping you file an insurance claim, our dependable and knowledgeable team will take the hassle out of your roof remodeling project. Book a free roof inspection today and get ready to elevate your home’s value from the ground up.

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  • James Peterson

    Also, when the roof remodeling is planning to keep the weather conditions in your mind. If you are living in the snowy area, you must then hire those roofing pros that have all the techniques and instruments for dealing with the winter roof remodeling issues such as clogging up of the ice dams over the roof surface. Other than this, I like your idea and completely agree to that everyone must consider some other products related to roof material than the traditionally utilized shingles. Through changing the color of your roof shingles, you can really create a whole new impression of your home from outside.

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