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6 Obvious Signs of Roof Leakage

Drip, drip, drip. Grab a bucket. These 6 obvious signs of roof leakage are telltale reasons to call Heritage Construction for a free roof inspection.

Water Stains on the Ceiling

One of the most obvious signs that you have roof leakage is discovering water stains on the ceiling. These stains can vary in size but generally have a brown ring around them.

Where the stain is located could be completely unrelated to where the leak came from. The mere presence of a water stain is confirmation that something about your roofing system is amiss.

Algae, Moss and Mold Are Present

While moss in itself may not cause any long-term damage to shingles, it’s presence indicates that there’s likely roof leakage somewhere. Most common in humid areas, mossy and moldy roofs should be inspected by a professional to determine the root of the problem. Once the source of moisture has been determined the shingles can be reinstalled or the algae simply brushed off. Keep in mind that moss and may continue to grow, so schedule a “well check” for your roof annually.

Roof Rot

Roof rot is most common wherever organic shingles have been installed. Once shingles get wet from roof leakage they will continue to break down and rot, often causing the need for an entire replacement of your roofing system. Don’t wait for the rot to go away on its own. (It won’t.)


That annoying little drip that keeps you awake at night is an obvious sign that your roof needs some love and attention.

Significant damage can happen to your home and belongings if you don’t fix roof leakage quickly. It’s never as simple as putting a bandage on it and hoping for the best. Roof leaks can be exceptionally dangerous and put you at risk of severe electric shock. NEVER attempt to turn off appliances or fixtures yourself. Instead, shut down the electrical at your main panel and then call the pros.

Exterior Walls Have Water Spots

Still not sure if you have a roof leakage? Go outside and inspect the exterior walls of the structure. Water spots indicate there may be a roof leak related to the flashing. Look under your gutters where the walls meet the roof line and inspect for discoloration and stains.

Missing Shingles on the Rooftop

Have some of your shingles gone astray? Severe storms can attribute to roof leaks that affect the adherence of the shingle to the roof. Anytime you have missing shingles you’re exposing your underlayment to water damage and rot. This is when things can get quite costly if they aren’t caught in time.

When to Call a Roofing Specialist

Keep in mind that roof leak signs are not always indicative of where the leak originates. Many leaks can spread from the rafters and present themselves in other areas of the structure.

A roof leak should never be put on hold as it will cause further damage to your home and your valuables over time. If you notice any of the above roof leak signs, don’t delay. Heritage will come out and do a free roof inspection and assist you in making an informed decision.

Nobody does roofs better than we do. We’re fast, dependable, and always here to serve you. Contact us today.


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How to Find an Honest and Reputable Roof Contractor

Unfortunately, roofers have a history of having shady reputations. Hiring an honest roof contractor takes some homework on your part. Before you settle for an inferior shingle job, take a look at the top things you need to consider before shelling out your hard-earned cash.

There are plenty of sheisty roofers out there and it’s easy to take the bait if they promise the earliest availability or present a more attractive estimate. The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. Beware the dangers of hiring a novice by following this sage advice.

What to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Company

Seek Referrals

Finding a roofing contractor can be as simple as asking family, friends, work colleagues, or neighbors for a recommendation. If that fails, you can always reach out to reputable real estate agents in your area and ask who they refer clients to.


An impressive portfolio of work speaks for itself. View the roofer’s website or social pages for pictures of completed projects. You can also ask for the addresses of prior jobs and take a drive around town to analyze their work.

Read Reviews

Reviews matter. The construction industry isn’t exactly difficult to break into. With some basic tools and a ladder, nearly anyone can “call” themselves a professional roofer. Review sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp will provide a glimpse into the dealings others have had with the roofing company, both positive and negative. While you can’t base your judgment solely on the opinion of another, consistent complaints or repeat mistakes will more than likely, be repeated. Consider all sources.

Verify License and ID

To ensure your roofer is legit ask for copies of their business license, tax ID, and verify their liability insurance coverage.

Avoid Scams

While there are plenty of roofers that find business from door-to-door sales, beware the roofers that “storm chase” and travel state to state operating fly by night operations. Typically, roofing scammers will perform shoddy work and be long gone before you have a chance to discover it. It’s always best to work with a locally established roofing company with a physical business address.

Check Experience

While most general contractors have the skill to nail down some shingles, experience is still the best teacher. Look for a roofing company that has run a solid business for at least five years to ensure you’re not dealing with a novice. You don’t want a general laborer hopping around on your rooftop with zero knowledge on how to address the basics of a roofing system.

Confirm Consistency

Your roofer should be consistent from the beginning to the end of your project. This means showing up on time each day, removing debris and trash after the workday, and keeping you informed on the project status. Firm up all these small details prior to signing any contracts to ensure the scope of work and communication stay consistent from beginning to end.

Heritage Construction is Committed to Your Roof for Life

If you’re ready to take the first step in hiring an honest and reputable roofer, you’ve come to the right place. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Heritage knows roofs, and we know them well.

Established throughout the great state of Texas, we are thoughtful leaders in storm-related roof damage and home restoration. Contact Heritage today for a free roof inspection. We’re proud of our work and we’re committed for life. (We don’t fly by night!)