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Roof Inspection Process

Roofers operate various tests to determine the health of your roof. The most apparent issue a roofer inspects for is important structural damage such as a degradation of materials, tiles, or shingles. Warps and cracks, as properly as missing shingles. Some assessments even go beyond superficial assessments and seem at the substructure of your roof.

Beyond these superficial tests, roofers will also look for trapped moisture bubbles that can point out gas leaks from your insulation. One common test is to decide how lengthy moisture takes to evaporate from your roof, as this can decide how badly your roof desires an improvement, specially if moisture is getting trapped over time.

Roofers commonly inspect each inch of your roof, normally hands-on and up close. If your roof is unsafe to stroll on for any reason, such as being too excessive of an angle or it is unable to help the weight of an inspector, they will seem at it from afar to see if there are structural issues or bring in a drone for inspections.