Items not covered by Heritage workmanship warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Interior Nail Pops (Builder is supposed to use drywall screws, not nails)
  • Deteriorated Nail Sealant (Caulk)
  • Chimney Leaks (If no Cricket is present & elected not to have one installed)
  • Damage Related to Force Majeure Events (Named Storms, Acts of God)
  • Damage Caused by 3rd Party (Any damage caused by someone other than a Heritage Representative)
  • All Structural Components of Roof (Below Decking)
  • Anything not associated with Roof (Rotten Fascia, Siding, Chimney Siding/Mortar, etc.)
  • In addition, any fungus, bacteria, infestation, UV degradation, rust or corrosion resulting in metal or wood decay is not be covered.

Please fill out the following form fields to request a workmanship warranty repair. Please allow up to 24 hrs for a response.