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    Jason Coil - From Sales Rep to Branch Manager

    You never know when opportunity will knock or who it will be. For Jason Coil, that knock introduced him to Heritage Construction. Heritage was busy going door to door helping it's community restore and repair their homes. Fate brought us to Jason, a family man with a dream to provide an idyllic life for his wife and children.

    Jason grew up in Austin and relocated to Corpus Christi in 2008. Although dedicated and committed to his family’s future, his hardships left him struggling to find the opportunity for success. Faith finally led him to the right path.

    Upon meeting Jake Brydon, Jason found his home with Heritage Construction. Check out what makes him an asset to the roofing career team, and why opening the door to opportunity was a beautiful thing.

    Cody Peres - From Sales Rep to VP of Sales

    After Cody Peres finished serving as a third battalion in the USMC, he knew life was simply too precious to take for granted.

    Born and raised in San Antonio, Cody was dealt a difficult hand growing up, but that didn’t stop his bravery or unrelenting spirit. Peres’s parents divorced when he was just 15, and he voluntarily enlisted in the Marines at just 17.  

    After losing several close friends in combat, Peres felt the struggle of re-entering civilian life. That’s when he found Heritage Construction. Within two days Cody accepted a position that has since grown into a project manager.

    “With willpower and hunger, the possibilities are endless.” Thanks for serving Cody Peres. Check out why Heritage Construction is proud to have such an inspirational and positive force on our roofing career team.