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Roof Replacement: Things to Consider

When you’re in the planning stages of a roof replacement it pays to consider not just who you’ll hire as your roof contractor, but the overall look and style of roof that you’re after. Since a roof makes a significant first impression, you don’t want your roof to look “good”. You want it to look fantastic. These tips will help you achieve curb-worthy results that amp up your home’s presence.

Hire a Qualified Roofer

Don’t get stuck in a roofing scam trap. This is especially common after a storm when roofers head to the latest town of damage and operate a fly by night roofing operation. While you might be enticed by their estimate, many of these roofers have been known to take the money and run or even worse, perform shoddy work. Ensure your roofing contractor has a valid business license as well as proof of liability and worker’s compensation. Working with a local roofing company that has an official business address will help you avoid this mistake.

Get Inspired

If you want to know which color shingles or materials will look best on your home, simply drive around your neighborhood for inspiration. Check out houses that have a color palette similar to your own and see what type and color shingles look best. Since you’re in the remodeling phase you might even consider changing your shutters or the color of your front door to really make your new roof pop.

Review Your Contact

No matter the type of home remodeling project you should always review a work contract carefully. The last thing you want is to get hit later with unexpected expenses that could extend beyond your budget. Your roofer should have a detailed proposal that outlines the work that will be performed, the type of roofing materials and color, as well as all the fine details of the job, including the proposed start and completion date.

Check Out Other Products

The most exciting thing about shingles is that they’ve come a long way in both their appearance and performance. There are many more colors than just basic brown or gray. From multi-dimensional shingles to synthetic types that mimic clay or slate, there’s an abundance of different shingles that will change the way your home looks while enhancing its architectural style.

Roof Replacement: Work with the Pros

Heritage Construction is a family-owned Texas roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacement. Whether it’s deciding on what type of shingle will look and function best to helping you file an insurance claim, our dependable and knowledgeable team will take the hassle out of your roof remodeling project. Book a free roof inspection today and get ready to elevate your home’s value from the ground up.

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Roof Winterization Tips

Just as the garden needs tended to and protected before the change of weather, the following roof winterization tips will properly prepare your home for snow, rain, and of course, all those festive holiday lights that make the season bright.

While likely not at the top of your favorite things to do on a weekend, roof maintenance is vital when it comes to protecting your home.  From burst pipes to collapsed roofs, there IS something you can do to ensure your roof is ready for the chilly days ahead.

Roof Winterization: Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams happen when water accumulates behind ice blockages. Once the ice begins to melt the water can quickly leak into your home. You can prevent the formation of ice dams by making sure your roof always remains the same temperature as the eaves. This might mean adding more insulation or blocking off any air leaks.

Prune Trees

When ice and snow form on tree branches they get weighed down and can snap. If low branches are located above your roof, their potential to cause damage in the winter increases. Make sure you trim all trees before winter starts and you’ll hopefully avoid any roof damage from their limbs.

Inspect the Chimney

To ensure the safe use of your wood-burning fireplace, make sure you get a yearly chimney inspection.

Insulate Pipes

Avoid the mess of a frozen pipe burst and potential home flooding by insulating your pipes with fiberglass and heating tape.

Check for Missing Shingles

While you can climb up on the roof and inspect for the damage yourself, it always helps to have a professional roofing contractor do the professional work such as checking for missing shingles. By catching missing shingles before winter arrives you can quickly make minor repairs that could turn into costly repairs later.

Inspect Flashing

Make sure flashing is properly sealed to prevent any winter roof leaks.

Clean Gutters

Gutters are made to direct the water away from your roof, which prevents flooding and mold growth. Be sure to clear all debris from the gutters before winter rain or snowfall. You may also need to have them replaced.

From inspections to full roof replacement, Heritage Construction is here to help you secure your home before Old Man Winter knocks. Contact us today for all of your commercial or residential roofing needs.

Haunted House: Roofing Problems - Heritage Construction Co.

Is Your House Haunted?

Do you have a haunted house with neglected roofing repairs? We’re not talking ghosts or goblins, rather those pesky problems that WON’T go away. You know what they are.

Here are 5 home conditions that become downright scary the longer you ignore them.

Dry Rot

A common bacterial problem caused by moisture, dry rot causes wood to break down and weaken. These nasty little fungi reproduce five million spores PER MINUTE and thrive whenever moisture is present. In fact, it can lie dormant for years and come back whenever moisture returns.

Any areas that have a water source on your roofing system should be periodically checked for dry rot. This includes gutters, wood window panes and sills, downpipes, and any other edges of your home that collect water. Signs of dry rot may include split wood, discolorations, and cracking. An easy test to confirm dry rot is to use a screwdriver and press on the wood. If the wood flakes or can easily be penetrated that means dry rot is active and ready to spread further.

Dry rot multiples quickly. You’ll need to get a home inspection to determine the source of moisture and make any repairs including on the roof. Regular maintenance and inspections will prevent dry rot from occurring in the first place.

Leaking Roofs

Roof leaks can wreak havoc on your home and safety. Not only do you risk belongings being damaged, but the interior paint, ceiling plaster, lights, and fans can also be affected.

When you suspect a roof leak, check ceilings for telltale signs. If you notice water stains, it’s vital you get the problem checked out. Leaking roofs can cause mold to spread and also impose a fire hazard from a shorted wire. Leaks are serious business and can’t be fixed by placing a bucket under the problem. A professional roofer can help you determine the next course of action that prevents further structural damage.


Mold is one of the costliest home repair problems that continue to grow when it’s left alone. Mold is unlike algae which are actually a healthy, natural flora. Mold is dangerous to your health and has a rancid rotten smell as well. Its slimy appearance is proof that your roof is suffering from moisture deposits.

Footsteps in the Attic

Do you hear creepy crawling noises above your ceiling? There are many different types of animals that can set up residence in homes and buildings. Scampering noises, thumping and animal cries are telltale signs that something up there is alive. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice and more can all enter your home through the roof, vents, soffits, and more. Your haunted house just has pests.

Wild animals do much more damage than just leaving behind their droppings and mess. The can chew through wires, damage ductwork, and ruin pipes. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of any animals living in your attic. A wildlife removal specialist is an expert at trapping and removing wild animals safely.

Haunted House Black Spots

Common in rainy areas, blackish-green spots on the roof are caused by algae. When algae isn’t stopped it will continue to spread and will eventually contribute to roof rot as well as leaks. Humidity and dampness are the two main triggers of algae growth. If you have green or black spots on your shingles or in your gutters, it’s time for a professional roof inspection to prevent further unsightly damage.

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Whether it’s a leaky roof or an issue with mold, roof damages affect the value of your haunted house. Contact Heritage today and we’ll take the scary sights away. (Except for the animals.) Book a free inspection now.