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Why You Need a Roof Inspection

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Are you wondering why you need a roof inspection? Even if your home doesn’t have telltale signs of a roof problem, such as leaks or missing shingles, a roof inspection is still critical when it comes to defending your home against the elements. 

Roof Inspections Uncover Hidden Problems

A thorough inspection of your roof will unveil underlying problems you didn’t know about. Chimneys, shingles, and the flashing will be thoroughly inspected to ensure your roof system is healthy and functioning properly.

Small roof and structural problems can quickly escalate into major damage when they aren’t caught early. This is why it’s vital to have your roof thoroughly inspected at least once per year.

Repair Minor Problems Before You Need a Full Roof Replacement

Once your roof inspector detects a problem area, you’ll be in a position to make an informed decision on the next course of action. Whether it’s a minor repair or a full roof replacement, a thorough roof inspection should be part of your home’s preventative maintenance.

Who wants to be shocked by the news that the roof needs an urgent replacement? A roof inspection helps you plan and budget for repairs before they become emergencies. If your insurance won’t cover roof damage, there are home improvement loans available that make repairing or replacing your roof affordable, without touching the equity of your home.

Contact Heritage Construction for a Free Roof Inspection

Repairing or replacing your roof will give it a major cosmetic facelift and will immediately increase your home’s value. Whether you plan on listing your home for sale or are buying a home “as is”, a thorough 25-point roof inspection provides the insight you need. With this information, you can either repair, replace, or pass on a home that has significant roof problems.

Be sure to have your roof inspected after hail, heavy winds, and severe rainstorms. Since Heritage Construction offers free, 25-point roof inspections, there’s simply no reason to ignore what you can’t see. Book your free roof inspection today.

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How New Roofing Shingles Improve Your Home’s Value

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Are you sprucing up your home to boost curb appeal, or hoping to save money by reducing your cooling costs? If so, this is how new roofing shingles will improve your home’s value.

New Roofing Shingles Have a Big Impact

Certainly, there are many home restoration projects that stir excitement. A kitchen remodel or a new walk-in closet complete with chandelier, to name a few.

While a new roof may not seem all that fancy, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 report, a new roof can boost your home’s value an average of $14,320. 

Take a look at the reasons why a new roof might be your most worthy home investment.

Why a New Roof Adds Value

Looks Don’t Lie

Let’s talk about curb appeal. A roof is usually the first thing people notice about a home, especially from a distance. Black stains and missing shingles scream NEGLECT!

If you’re a potential homebuyer, you’re going to spend your time focusing on the roof rather than being swept away by the facade.

A dirty dingy roof with debris spilling from the gutters means there’s probably a roof leak somewhere. Upon first sight, your home visitors will have probably talked themselves down from your selling price, and are likely wondering what else could be wrong. (Not to mention those potential repair costs.) And guess what? Even if the buyer doesn’t notice your roof, their realtor will point it out. From there, the decision-making process and negotiations begin.

It’s All About the Warranty

Today’s premium-quality shingles offer extended warranties. Instead of carrying a standard 15-20 year warranty, some shingles are covered for up to 50 years. If you’re fortunate to work with a roofing contractor that offers a limited lifetime workmanship warranty, your roof will be set for quite some time, minus the usual maintenance and repairs.

Cost Savings

The latest roofing materials provide cost savings in utility bills and greater comfort. If you live in a hot and humid state such as Texas or Florida, a new Energy Star compliant roof will reflect the sunlight and can reduce the surface temperature by up to 100 degrees. By updating your shingles you’ll reduce your heating and cooling costs while benefiting from a modern style material.

Do You Need a New Roof?

Now that you know the several ways a new roof can improve your home’s value, the next thing to figure out is whether or not you need one. The following signs prove your roof is in need of some TLC.

  • Mold
  • Dented or missing shingles
  • Water stains or blistering on the ceiling
  • Shingle granules in the gutter
  • Missing or damaged flashing

Contact Heritage Construction today for a free roof inspection and reap the cost savings and return from your replacement.

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