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You know you need a new roof but maybe you’re not sure how to fund it. The cash in the bank won’t cover your insurance deductible, or perhaps it’s been set aside for another home improvement project. Nobody likes parting with cash, even for necessary repairs. Should you just wait and let the roof keep leaking, or bite the bullet and sign the dotted line? Here’s what you need to know about roof financing.

When Should You Consider Roof Financing?

Roof Repair - Missing Shingles- Heritage Constructions Co. - Home Improvement LoansYou Need to Fix Roof Damages Right Away

Damaged roofs only get worse with time. When an emergency hits home and your insurance doesn’t cover the damage or you don’t have enough funds set aside to pay the upfront deductible, a loan will allow you to get the repairs resolved quickly, and that provides security and peace of mind.

You Want to Boost Your Home’s Value

Roof financing is a budget-savvy way to improve your home’s value without breaking the piggy bank. According to the 2018 report from Remodeling Magazine, a new roof will increase a home’s value about $14,320. Whether you’re ready to list your home for sale or simply want to increase your equity, a new roof is one of the best improvements you can make to your home.

You Need to Stay On Budget

Homeowners who are caught up on remodeling projects often get hit with last-minute expenses in the end. It can be difficult to stay on a track, especially when the unforeseen occurs. This leads to overspending and means you’ll eventually have to cut something from the budget. Since a roof is a necessity, you don’t want to put these repairs on the back-burner for long.

You Want to Increase Curb AppealRoof Financing - Heritage Construction Co. - Home Improvement Loans

If you’re tired of looking at your damaged roof and want to spiff up the neighborhood, a new roof will increase your curb appeal and change the entire appearance of your home. When shingles are carefully selected to enhance the exterior and your decor, your home will get an instant facelift that makes an attractive first impression.

Apply for Roof Financing Today

Heritage Construction is proud to offer roof financing options through Hearth. If you don’t have enough equity, a personal roofing loan means your home won’t be used as collateral and you can move quickly through the approval process, and repairs can be made in a timely manner.

Don’t wait and wonder how you’ll fix all those leaks. Keep the equity in your home, and apply for a roof loan.

Shingles Can Improve Home Value

Shingles Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Are you sprucing up your home to boost curb appeal, or hoping to save money by reducing your cooling costs? If so, this is how new roofing shingles will improve your home’s value.

Certainly, there are many home restoration projects that stir excitement. A kitchen remodel or a new walk-in closet complete with chandelier, to name a few.

While a new roof may not seem all that fancy, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 report, a new roof can boost your home’s value an average of $14,320.

Why New Shingles Add Value

Looks Don’t Lie

Let’s talk about curb appeal. A roof is usually the first thing people notice about a home, especially from a distance. Black stains and missing shingles scream NEGLECT!

If you’re a potential homebuyer, you’re going to spend your time focusing on the roof rather than being swept away by the facade.

A dirty dingy roof with debris spilling from the gutters means there’s probably a roof leak somewhere. Upon first sight, your home visitors will have probably talked themselves down from your selling price, and are likely wondering what else could be wrong. (Not to mention those potential repair costs.) And guess what? Even if the buyer doesn’t notice your roof, their realtor will point it out. From there, the decision-making process and negotiations begin.

It’s All About the Warranty

Today’s premium-quality shingles offer extended warranties. Instead of carrying a standard 15-20 year warranty, some shingles are covered for up to 50 years. If you’re fortunate to work with a roofing contractor that offers a limited lifetime workmanship warranty, your roof will be set for quite some time, minus the usual maintenance and repairs.

Cost Savings

The latest roofing materials provide cost savings in utility bills and greater comfort. If you live in a hot and humid state such as Texas or Florida, a new Energy Star compliant roof will reflect the sunlight and can reduce the surface temperature by up to 100 degrees. By updating your shingles you’ll reduce your heating and cooling costs while benefiting from a modern style material.

Do You Need a New Roof?

Now that you know the several ways a new roof can improve your home’s value, the next thing to figure out is whether or not you need one. The following signs prove your roof is in need of some TLC.

  • Mold
  • Dented or missing shingles
  • Water stains or blistering on the ceiling
  • Shingle granules in the gutter
  • Missing or damaged flashing

Contact us today for a free roof inspection and reap the cost savings and return from your replacement.

Roof Parts - Roofing System

Roof Parts and What They Are

Roofing systems have several components and each serves a different purpose in protecting your home. You don’t need to know all the different parts of a roof, especially if you’re working with a roofing contractor. But, if you’re the curious type, this list of basic elements will help you understand exactly how your roofing system functions, and why.

Take a peek at your roof’s anatomy so you can talk shop the next time an inspector knocks.

This is what a roof is made of:

The Deck

This is where it all starts. The deck is the foundation of your roofing system. This layer is usually made from plywood and is securely installed so that all the other roof layers can rest safely upon it.


The roofing underlayment is installed to protect the roof decking from inclement weather. If the underlayment has signs of damage it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.


Exhaust and intake vents allow air to enter and exit the attic and ventilation spaces.


Installed around dormers, chimneys, skylights, etc., roof flashing directs water off the roof and into gutters. One of the most common causes of roof leakage is damaged or missing flashing.

Water and Ice Shields

Waterproofing underlayment installed to prevent damage from high winds and ice damming.

Drip Edge

Moves water from the eaves and off the building.

Chimney and cap

A chimney is an exhaust vent usually located around the kitchen or main living area. Chimney caps are installed on top to prevent water and snow from going down the chimney.


Projecting beyond the face of a wall, eaves are the lower edge of a roof and they provide function and architectural detail. (Think of a Craftsman bungalow.)


Shingles are the cherry on top. There are many different shingle types such as clay, metal, and asphalt.  Shingles protect the entire roofing system no matter their material.

Heritage Construction Inspections

Whether you see water stains on your ceiling (never a good sign) or missing shingles, our free inspection will ensure yours is in good shape. There are many elements that create a healthy roof. So, call the pros today!