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Summertime Home Maintenance Tips

Heritage Construction’s Energy Efficient Home Maintenance Tips for Summertime

Summertime Home maintenance tips: Summer’s harsh temperatures inevitably place strain on a home’s AC system. It's for houses that are poorly sealed and drafty, the season’s heat quickly sends energy bills through the roof. In addition to reducing utility bills, sealing your home will also protect you from mold and water damage, increase comfort, and lessen your overall carbon footprint.

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Roof Collapse - Heritage Construction Col

Signs Your Roof is Ready to Collapse

Let’s give your roof a break. Despite being one of the most prominent parts of your home, roofs don’t really get much attention until there is a problem. Ceiling stains, missing shingles, and mold growing on top are all reasons to seek a little help for your home’s cover. But sometimes what’s happening up there just isn’t so obvious until it all comes tumbling down. Here are a few signs that your roof has had enough and might collapse soon. Read more

Roof Replacement - Heritage Construction Co.

Roof Replacement: Things to Consider

When you’re in the planning stages of a roof replacement it pays to consider not just who you’ll hire as your roof contractor, but the overall look and style of roof that you’re after. Since a roof makes a significant first impression, you don’t want your roof to look “good”. You want it to look fantastic. These tips will help you achieve curb-worthy results that amp up your home’s presence. Read more