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Metal Roofing Saves Maintenance Money

Metal Roofing Benefits

While metal roofing is a costlier alternative to asphalt shingles, their benefits have a huge payoff down the road. Quickly becoming one of the hottest roof materials, metal roofs look sharp and they’re smart if you want to save money in the long run on home-maintenance. Check out the following ways metal roofs are worth their weight.


Metal roofing is made to last with a lifespan that far exceeds asphalt shingles. While a new shingled roof has an average lifespan of up to 30 years depending on the shingle product, a metal roof typically lasts up to 70. It’s a lifetime investment for many homeowners and usually avoids the need for roof replacement later.


Whether it’s heavy winds or hail, metal roofs take a beating and can withstand winds of 140 mph. If you live in a coastal community where hurricanes are one of your roof’s biggest threats, a metal roof can save you money on roof repairs after the storm. Even better, a metal roof won’t crack or corrode.

Energy Efficient

If your energy bills are through the roof you might want to consider what lies on top. Metal roofs are highly energy-efficient. Because they naturally reflect solar-radiant heat, you’ll see a welcome decrease in your energy bill once you replace your existing roof with a metal one.

While nothing lasts forever, a metal roof is a safe bet for long-term value. Not only do metal roofs have energy-savings and durability perks, they’re attractive and timeless. Who doesn’t love the sound of rain pouring down on one?

Do you want to learn more about how a metal roofing is a wise consideration if you’re in the process of home remodeling? Contact Heritage Construction today and book a free consultation. 


Heritage Construction Residential Roofing

How to Pick the Best Color for Your Roof

Picking the Right Shingle Color for Your Roof

Whether it’s shingles or tiles, the color theory still applies when choosing the right hue for your rooftop.  

Why Your Roof Color Matters

Your roof color choice is key in its appearance. If you want to add some major curb appeal and boost the value of your home, selecting the right hue will provide the visual harmony needed to be pleasing to the eye. Although they’re always a safe bet, don’t limit yourself to neutrals. The following tips will help you select a shingle that makes your home shine.

Tip One: Consider Your Siding and Shutters

Coordinating your siding and shutters with your roof will make it look its best and it’s the most important thing you should consider since your siding takes up the majority of your home’s visual presentation. Whether it’s brick or siding, the exterior of your home should work with your roof to be coordinated and appealing. Although it may seem as these two can match, you want them to be opposite to provide contrast and add distinction. For example, a dark brown roof works beautifully on a beige home, whereas a red roof on a white house will make it pop with personality. Take a look at this list for some more expertly combined palettes:

Red siding- Red brick and siding look best with black, dark brown, dark green and grey roofs.

White siding- White homes should opt for a brown, black, green, gray or red roof.

Gray siding-If you’ve got a gray home choose black, dark grey, dark blue, or a dark green roof.

Beige/tan- Add some flavor to a beige home with a dark blue or green, brown or black roof.

Brown siding- Don’t be boring when it comes to brown. Dark homes look beautiful with green, blue, black, charcoal or even light brown roofs.

Blue siding- There’s nothing blue about it. Black, brown gray and even white look right at home on a blue house.

Tip Two: Consider a Blended Shingle

Instead of just a solid hue, blended shingles combine many variants of complimentary colors to add dimension and pattern. Blended shingles are particularly attractive when you have plain siding and want your home to look more interesting. Rather than opt for a solid black roof on a brown home, go for a blended shingle flecked with tan and green to enhance the depth of your home and to give your roof some pizazz.

Tip Three: Balance Your Home with Light or Dark Shingles

Look at the size and the architecture of your home and keep the following key points in mind when selecting the right color for your roof. Dark colors draw attention and light hues distract. Since many ranch homes are long and sprawling a medium hue fits just right. A multi-level home looks best with a darker shingle and helps the house appear more substantial. You don’t want your roof to dominate your home or make it look smaller than it is, so strike the ideal balance when considering the color of your roof.

Tip Four: Complement Your Home’s Setting

Certain roof colors just look best in different environments. A green roof will always look at home on a rustic wood cabin, and a traditional downtown home looks formal and stately when topped with a black or dark brown roof. If you need home design ideas, drive around your neighborhood and check out some of the other houses and you’ll start to see the difference between a complimentary or an unattractive roof.

The Color of Your Home Has Many Advantages

More than just visual appeal, the color of your roof matters because it can also affect your heating and cooling bill. Because dark roofs absorb the heat, they’re ideal in cold climates. Light and neutral roofs play best where it’s warm.

Whether you’re wanting help choosing a complimentary shingle color or need annual roof maintenance, Heritage Construction will help you make the most of your roof. Your home only has one, and it makes an unforgettable first impression and increases your home’s value when it looks its best. Contact us to schedule a free roof consultation and get the roof of your dreams.



Heritage Construction Residential Roofing

Signs Your Roof is Ready to Collapse

Signs Your Roof is Giving Up

Let’s give your roof a break. Despite being one of the most prominent parts of your home, roofs don’t really get much attention until there is a problem. Ceiling stains, missing shingles, and mold growing on top are all reasons to seek a little help for your home’s cover. But sometimes what’s happening up there just isn’t so obvious until it all comes tumbling down. Here are a few signs that your roof has had enough and might collapse soon.


Like the mighty elephant, your roof carries the weight of all storms. From hail to high winds your home’s roof takes it all like a champ until it can bear no more. This is when it might begin to sag. If your roof becomes overloaded with burdens and the support structures begin to cave in, your roof will have signs of sagging. You might hear creaking sounds that signal you to evacuate. It’s time to reduce the stress on your roof, pronto.


Structural problems such as interior cracks can tell you a lot about the health of your roof. If you see fine lines on your walls or ceiling that show up without reason, it might be because your roof can no longer withstand to do its job. It’s top priority to get a roof inspection to figure out what’s causing all the stress so you can take immediate action.


If your doors aren’t opening or shutting properly your roof might be suffering from warping. Door frames will bend under this sort of stress and they might suddenly pop open on their own. No, your house isn’t haunted, it’s in danger of collapsing. That’s quite scarier, isn’t it?


The most obvious sign your roof has placed an S.O.S. call is leakage. If water is flowing into your roof deck this signals a state of emergency. It’s not just cleaning up the mess or putting a bucket under the problem. Your roof is crying tears for help and any further leakage could signal a roof collapse in the near future.

Has Your Roof Had Enough?

All too often homeowners ignore the subtle (or not so subtle) signs of a roof collapse. The good thing is Heritage Construction offers free roof inspections throughout our many locations within the state of Texas. Contact us today to set up an appointment to ensure your roof won’t collapse on you. Don’t let it live in despair. Because once your roof gives up, it might let you know in the worst way. We can save the day. Contact Heritage today.