Synthetic Underlayment by Owens Corning

A new standard. A new level of confidence. Tough, lightweight and weather-resistant, synthetic underlayment by Owens Corning delivers advanced protection that’s easy on your crew, tough against the elements — and reassuring to your customers. Only professional roofing companies use the highest quality roofing system materials on their customer roofs. Upgrade your roof today!


Synthetic underlayment has a tough and durable construction with an extremely high tear strength compared to felt. *Test data is based on average of samples tested in accordance with ASTM D2261.


When exposed to the elements, they don’t wrinkle and tear around fasteners like felt. *Varies by product. See installation instructions for more details. Endures up to 180 days of UV exposure & repels water.


Synthetic underlayment is tough, durable material that resists small tears and stands up to boot traffic.


Synthetics have extremely high tear strength compared to felt. This means less tearing around fasteners during installation and fewer opportunities for water infiltration.


Synthetics repel water while felt products absorb water. Most homeowners like the idea of having a product that sheds water serve as their secondary water protection barrier on their roof instead of a sponge.


Synthetics are not a food source for mold like paper based #15 and #30 felt paper. *Samples tested in accordance with ASTM D3274.

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Heritage Construction Co. was founded in 2009 in Corpus Christi, Texas by the Brydon brothers. Heritage Construction Co. was introduced to Texas in order to combat the lack of existing roofing contractors who are skilled enough to work within the high standards set forth by the Texas Windstorm Association. Heritage Construction Co. has grown to become a full-service roofing contractor specializing in residential, commercial, and storm restoration services throughout the state. Heritage Construction Co. proudly sell only the highest quality materials, installed by the most qualified technicians, and operate according to the highest roofing industry standards.

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