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Black Algae: How to Clean Roof Stains

Black Algae Stains

If your roof is looking a little shabby but is otherwise structurally sound, the black algae roof-stained cosmetic problem that taunts you each time you turn in the drive might simply be algae. Algae won’t provide curb appeal unless you’re opting for a living roof. And even then, why would you grow this mossy plant?

Here is one thing you can do as a weekend warrior project to improve the appearance of your roof, boost your home’s curb appeal, and get your building ready for all of the fall and winter seasonal decor. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or just perking up its appearance, this algae removal process is pretty swift and painless.

Before you begin cleaning the black algae stains, opt for a professional roof inspection. Depending on your shingle’s manufacturer, they might come with a manufacturer’s limited algae-resistant guarantee. Owens-Corning offers StreakGuard algae-resistant shingles that offer a 10-year limited warranty against all those mossy stains that make your roof any less than beautiful.

A free roof inspection from Heritage Construction will ensure your roof and shingles are performing as they should. If replacement is covered it’s best to go that route and then put the work in to clean them yourself.

Stain removal and the clearing of gutters are basic roof maintenance tasks that lend themselves in the do-it-yourself zone. So long as you know how to carefully climb up on the rooftop you can get rid of these eyesores all on your own. Here’s how.

Step By Step Black Algae Removal

Gloeocapsa magma is the most common form of blue algae that often lurks on roofs in hot and humid climates. If you have a light-shingled roof these black roof stains can easily and quickly make their appearance after the long, dog days of summer.

Out!  Black Spots!

Removing algae stains from your roof is pretty simple. You’ll need to formulate a 50% bleach to 50% water solution and get to town spraying your roof. Always protect your plants down below because flowers, bushes, and trees don’t like bleach very much. Protect your plantings by spraying them thoroughly with water first. This will lower the concentration of your cleansing solution, should it accidentally drip onto them.

Avoid using a power washer because the strength of the spray can cause shingle damage. Instead, opt for a handheld sprayer and apply the solution liberally, and then presto! (We all know what bleach does.) That roof is going to get clean. Spray thoroughly with a water hose to make sure all the algae runs off.

You can sweep the roof after it’s dry to brush off any additional debris.

Simple as that. So get your brooms ready. (It’s almost October.)

Do you need help with roof maintenance or black stain removal? Get your roof inspected first. Contact Heritage today and we’ll take the black roof stains away.


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