How to Hire a Roof Contractor

Roofers have a history of shady reputations. Hiring a skilled roof contractor takes patience and knowledge. Before you settle for an inferior shingle job, take a look at the top things you need to consider before shelling out your hard-earned cash. There are plenty of sheisty roofers out there and it’s easy to take the bait if they promise early availability or present an attractive estimate. The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. Beware the dangers of hiring a novice by following this sage advice.

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What to Look for When Hiring a Roofer


An impressive portfolio of work proves itself. View your contractor’s website for a gallery of work so you can assess their completed projects. If you’re dealing with a specific roof repair it helps to see how similar completed projects turned out. If your roofer doesn’t have photos you can ask for the addresses of prior jobs and take a drive around town to analyze their work.


Reviews matter. The construction industry isn’t exactly difficult to break into. With some basic tools and a ladder, nearly anyone can call themselves a roofer. Review sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp will provide a glimpse into the dealings others have had with the roofing company, both positive and negative. While you can’t base your judgment entirely on the opinion of another, consistent complaints or repeat mistakes will more than likely, be repeated. Consider all sources when gauging the credibility of reviews.


The best part about hiring a roofer is that you’ll meet with them prior to the roof system installation.  This provides you the opportunity to see assess their customer service level and analyze their appearance. Your roofer should show up looking professional and clean. If you notice any “red flags” that make you cringe, kindly show them the door and continue your search. Your possessions and home are far too valuable to risk any dangers.


While most general contractors have the skill to nail down some shingles, experience is still the best teacher. Look for a roofing company that has run a solid business for at least five years to ensure you’re not dealing with a novice. You don’t want a general laborer hopping around on your rooftop with zero ideas on how to address the basics of a roofing system. Knowledge and experience are priceless when it comes to a large investment that literally covers your home.


Your roofer should be consistent from the beginning to the end of your project. This means showing up on time each day, removing debris and trash after the workday, and keeping you informed on the project status. Firm up all these small details prior to signing any contracts to ensure the scope of work and communication stay consistent from beginning to end.

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If you’re ready to take the first step in hiring a roofer, you’ve come to the right place. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Heritage knows roofs, and we know them well. Contact Heritage today for a free roof inspection. We’re proud of our work. And we’re committed for life.

Heritage Construction Co. Roofing and Restoration Specialists

5 Reasons Your Roof Needs Fall Maintenance

Temperatures are cooling off and that means football, pumpkin lattes, and long weekends spent nestled indoors relaxingNot so fast. As the first leaves of autumn begin to fall, you’ll need to plan ahead and maintain the integrity of your roof before the blustery winter winds and storms come.

These are the 5 reasons it’s time to fall in love with your roof this season and prepare your home or commercial property for what lies ahead.

(Because there’s always something!)

5 Reasons Your Roof Needs Some Love in the Autumn

Assess Seasonal Damage

Spring and summer can wreak havoc on your roof thanks to heavy wind and rainstorms. If you haven’t been up on the roof since you hung the lights at Christmas, who knows what shape it’s been in since. Whether it’s debris that’s busy composting on your shingles or the discovery of unsealed cracks that will allow the pests in, it’s better to check out potential seasonal damage and make repairs before those repairs end up costing more.

It’s Cooler

By the time autumn rolls around most everyone is ready for a break from the heat, including professional roof contractors. Fall is the perfect time to install new roof shingles because the cooler temps are ideal for the thermal sealing of asphalt shingle installation. When Old Man Winter knocks on the door, your shingles will be firmly set.

Improved Insulation

If you want to optimize your home and ensure it is energy efficient, autumn roof repair can help you save money by adding better insulation to your home. That means when you start kicking on the thermostat to heat things up, your money won’t go through the roof. (Get it?)

Brittle Shingles Break

Working with dried out and brittle shingles is no pleasant task. Instead of using nail guns to affix shingles to the roof, professionals often have to hammer down the shingles and this means more time, more money, more waste, and even a bigger headache for anyone paying for or working with shingles in cold temperatures. Stop the insanity and get those shingles installed when the time and weather conditions are ideal for preventing shingle breakage.

Storms Are Coming

Depending on your region you can expect winter storms are coming. Whether it be heavy rains, wind or snowfall, roof damage is even more likely to occur if yours has pre-existing conditions that need maintenance. By tending to these problems now you can prevent the additional expense of roof repairs from winter damage. Who really wants a leaky roof in the middle of a hailstorm?

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

Still not sure you need fall roof maintenance? Don’t rule it out. These 5 reasons you need roof maintenance are more than enough to prove fall is the right time to prepare your home for the colder days ahead. Schedule a free roof inspection today and don’t delay. Contact Heritage Construction for all your roofing needs and repairs, and hey…take a break. We got this! (Don’t forget the latte.)