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Roofer Common Mistakes To Look For

Roofer Mess Ups

Mistakes aren’t easy to hide, even when they’re up high. The following 5 obvious signs your roofer messed up won’t lie. Do you have a crummy install? Check it out.

No Joke! These 5 Signs Prove Your Roofer Was Clueless

Don’t believe just anyone who works in construction can lay shingles. There’s an art and an acquired skill required to properly install a roofing system. Just because your roofer can climb up the ladder, doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing once he’s up there.

Your roof can’t take the heat, the wind, or the rain, for that matter. If you have broken shingles that are flying away, that means trouble lies ahead. Your roof should be able to withstand the weather for the most part. Unless it’s hail, strong winds, or a hurricane, your shingles shouldn’t just blow away or begin buckling or rippling.

Mismatched style. If your shingles don’t match the overall architectural style of your home, chances are high that you had a novice by your side. An experienced roofer will understand not just the type of shingle to use, but they’ll also be able to recommend a color that suits your home’s exterior.

Recycled nails. This mistake is easy to nail from a mile away. If your roofer is using rusted and rotted-out nails to save on materials, that says everything about their work. New roof nails should always be used, whether that’s for a repair or an entire roof replacement.

Inadequate ventilation. Poorly installed ventilation can cause roof leaks and moisture damage, amongst other things that can quickly result in a total roofing system failure. Wherever there’s airflow (such as in the attic) from improper venting, short-circuiting can occur. This mistake will lead to the ineffective attic ventilation.

Shoddy alignment. Check out the way your shingles have been installed. Whenever the cutouts or the joints of a shingle are incorrectly placed, they’ll wear prematurely. Eventually, roof leaks are inevitable. Step back and see if your shingles look messy and inconsistent in the pattern.

Contact the Heritage Construction Roofing Pros

Don’t skimp on your roofing system. You’ll pay later if your roofer made any of these major mistakes. Contact Heritage Construction for a free roof inspection. We utilize a thorough 25-point checklist to ensure your roofing system is functioning up to par.

Whether it’s a repair or an entire roof replacement, don’t fall into the money pit.

Your roof is our lifetime commitment. Reach out today.

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