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Roof Company: What To Know Before Hiring Them

Roof Company Hiring Tips

A roof is a major home improvement that adds value and curb appeal to your home. When you’re considering which roof company to hire,  keep the following in mind.

Things to Ask Potential Roofing Companies

Will my new roof include a warranty?

Heritage Construction guarantees the workmanship of our roofs for life. In addition to a roofer’s warranty, roof material manufacturers usually offer a warranty that lasts 25 years. Find out what will be covered and by who to ensure your investment is protected.

Who will show up to do the work?

Somebody will be in charge of your roofing project from the beginning to the end. This person will become your main contact and it’s who you’ll address any concerns with. Gather this information and keep it handy whenever you have concerns about the timeframe or project details.

What happens to my old roof?

Once your old roof comes off it has to go somewhere. Your roofing company will likely charge a removal fee but this isn’t always stipulated in the estimate, which means you could get left with a surprising add-on expense later. Make sure your estimate includes these details and all of which they encompass.

What about my plants?

Landscaping, plants, trees, and flowers are all subject to damage during the roofing process. With nails and shingles and tools spread about, you’ll want to find out how your vegetation will be protected prior to hiring a roofing company. Whether it’s covering the area or moving what you can to a new location, a reputable and professional roofing company won’t leave your branches in shambles.

When will it all be over?

Understandably, you want your home back to normal as soon as possible. You’ll find the busiest roofing companies have several roof projects taking place at the same time.  Although you may be racing the clock to get your roof repaired, don’t ever sacrifice quality. When a roofer is busy that’s a reassuring sign they’re reputable and do quality work.

Can I see references from your past projects?

Testimonies and ratings speak for themselves. Find out the quality of a roofer’s installation by being diligent in researching company feedback. If your roofer dodges the question and has nobody to provide kudos about their work, it might be time to meet with another company.

Our Proof is Our Roof

Heritage Construction takes pride in providing exceptional service and crafting beautiful roofing systems. Contact us today if you have any questions about the process of working with a roof company. Avoid a questionable roof contractor and reach out to the pros today.

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