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Roof Winterization Tips

Just as the garden needs tended to and protected before the change of weather, the following roof winterization tips will properly prepare your home for snow, rain, and of course, all those festive holiday lights that make the season bright.

While likely not at the top of your favorite things to do on a weekend, roof maintenance is vital when it comes to protecting your home.  From burst pipes to collapsed roofs, there IS something you can do to ensure your roof is ready for the chilly days ahead.

Roof Winterization: Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams happen when water accumulates behind ice blockages. Once the ice begins to melt the water can quickly leak into your home. You can prevent the formation of ice dams by making sure your roof always remains the same temperature as the eaves. This might mean adding more insulation or blocking off any air leaks.

Prune Trees

When ice and snow form on tree branches they get weighed down and can snap. If low branches are located above your roof, their potential to cause damage in the winter increases. Make sure you trim all trees before winter starts and you’ll hopefully avoid any roof damage from their limbs.

Inspect the Chimney

To ensure the safe use of your wood-burning fireplace, make sure you get a yearly chimney inspection.

Insulate Pipes

Avoid the mess of a frozen pipe burst and potential home flooding by insulating your pipes with fiberglass and heating tape.

Check for Missing Shingles

While you can climb up on the roof and inspect for the damage yourself, it always helps to have a professional roofing contractor do the professional work such as checking for missing shingles. By catching missing shingles before winter arrives you can quickly make minor repairs that could turn into costly repairs later.

Inspect Flashing

Make sure the flashing is properly sealed to prevent any winter roof leaks.

Clean Gutters

Gutters are made to direct the water away from your roof, which prevents flooding and mold growth. Be sure to clear all debris from the gutters before winter rain or snowfall. You may also need to have them replaced.

From inspections to full roof replacement, Heritage Construction is here to help you secure your home before Old Man Winter knocks. Contact us today for all of your commercial or residential roofing needs.

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