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Best Roof Construction Companies in Carrollton Texas

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Carrollton, Texas can experience hail and strong storms every year. Considering this, an annual roof inspection gives you a heads-up on damage so that you can fix small problems before they become costly repairs.

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Roof Shingles That Eat Smog?

For the past several weeks, the air quality in California has made headlines. Raging wildfires in the northern and southern parts of the state created clouds of ash and dangerously high toxicity levels in the atmosphere. The fires created a state of emergency, but in many parts of the country, that poor air quality is a daily issue, not one created by natural disasters. Over the summer, southern California violated federal smog standards for 87 days in a row. Around 41% of people in the U.S. live with regular exposure to poor air quality. Could new technology roof shingles help?

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