Roof Shingles That Eat Smog?

For the past several weeks, the air quality in California has made headlines. Raging wildfires in the northern and southern parts of the state created clouds of ash and dangerously high toxicity levels in the atmosphere. The fires created a state of emergency, but in many parts of the country, that poor air quality is a daily issue, not one created by natural disasters. Over the summer, southern California violated federal smog standards for 87 days in a row. Around 41% of people in the U.S. live with regular exposure to poor air quality. Could new technology roof shingles help?

Cleaning up the air will require reducing dependency on fossil fuels and the pollution they create. While industries like manufacturing and transportation work on these wide-scale changes, 3M has developed something of a stopgap: roof shingles granules that suck smog from the atmosphere.


Roof Shingles

Granules have been a part of our business since the 1930s,” says Gayle Schueller, 3M’s chief sustainability officer. “This is not a new business to be in, and it’s not a new material for us.” Traditionally, granules are used in roof shingles construction to coat rooftops and provide an extra layer of protection from UV rays, which helps buildings remain cool and less dependent on air conditioning. They also make roofs more fire resistant. Around 10 years ago, 3M developed “cool roof shingles” granules that reflect sunlight and help buildings comply with roofing standards like the 2014 Los Angeles ordinance mandating new residential projects be built with additional rooftop insulation to keep them cool.

3M Roof Shingles Granules

Instead of reflecting the sun, though, 3M’s new smog-reducing granules use it. The photocatalytic coating on these granules, designed for asphalt roof shingles, is activated by the sun’s UV rays. That generates radicals that bind with the chemical compounds in smoggy air, and transform them into water-soluble ions that eventually wash away.

While 3M conducted its own internal testing of the granules, they also sent samples for external validation to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, which evaluated how effectively the granules absorbed different gases and pollutants. They found that a average-sized roof coated in granules removes around as much pollution from the air as three trees could.

“When we innovate, we start with an understanding of where there is a problem, and we identified the issue of smog in cities,” Schueller says. Around 10% of 3M’s 90,000 person staff are scientists, she adds, and they collaborated on both developing the photocatalytic coating, and testing its environmental impacts.

The runoff from the ions, they found, does not contribute significantly to water quality issues–the impact is minimal, Schueller says, and the smog would’ve infiltrated the water from the air anyway if it hadn’t first been absorbed by the roof shingles granules.

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Metal Roofing Saves Maintenance Money

While metal roofing is a costlier alternative to asphalt shingles, their benefits have a huge payoff down the road. Quickly becoming one of the hottest roof materials, metal roofs look sharp and they’re smart if you want to save money in the long run on home-maintenance. Check out the following ways metal roofs are worth their weight.

Metal Roofing Lifespan

Metal roofing is made to last with a lifespan that far exceeds asphalt shingles. While a new shingled roof has an average lifespan of up to 30 years depending on the shingle product, a metal roof typically lasts up to 70. It’s a lifetime investment for many homeowners and usually avoids the need for roof replacement later.


Whether it’s heavy winds or hail, metal roofs take a beating and can withstand winds of 140 mph. If you live in a coastal community where hurricanes are one of your roof’s biggest threats, a metal roof can save you money on roof repairs after the storm. Even better, a metal roof won’t crack or corrode.

Energy Efficient

If your energy bills are through the roof you might want to consider what lies on top. Metal roofs are highly energy-efficient. Because they naturally reflect solar-radiant heat, you’ll see a welcome decrease in your energy bill once you replace your existing roof with a metal one.

While nothing lasts forever, a metal roof is a safe bet for long-term value. Not only do metal roofs have energy-savings and durability perks, they’re attractive and timeless. Who doesn’t love the sound of rain pouring down on one?

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Roofing Sales Career: 10 Reasons to Unleash Your Potential

As with any sales job, the sky’s the limit on the earning potential of a roofing sales professional. The harder you work the better you’ll become. Are you ready to discover the boundless rewards within the roofing industry as a roofing sales rep?

From an aspiring roofing sales manager to a position in the business administration, every rung on the ladder of success begins with a single step.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider venturing into the roofing industry to unleash your sales potential.

The Perks of a Roofing Sales Career

1. Everybody Needs a Roof

It’s not a house without a rooftop. It doesn’t matter if your home has all the fancy aesthetic upgrades you desire, what matters most is that it’s safe. Therefore, a roof is essential. Building owners are always candidates for maintenance or replacement of their roofing system.

U.S. roofing contractors are now in their fourth consecutive year of improved profitability and double-digit increases in sales, according to data from Sageworks, a financial information company.

Sales among privately held roofing contractors have increased, on average, 14 percent in the 12 months ended May 1, according to Sageworks’ financial statement analysis. That’s on top of 13.5 percent and 15 percent sales growth in 2017 and 2016, respectively.

2. Learning Potential

If you’re curious and like to acquire knowledge, a roofing sales career might be for you. Even if you have little to no construction experience, you can learn all about roofs and the benefits of varied roofing types and materials. For anyone who embraces challenges, there’s plenty of growth potential.

3. Build Relationships

Selling a roof is not just about knocking on doors and providing free inspections. Successful sales in any in industry require building rapport and relationships with customers. When you’re in roofing sales, you’ll utilize listening and analytical skills to help provide solutions for your customers. This is a rewarding benefit if you genuinely like helping people make important decisions.

4. Work Independently

Most sales based careers are built on a commision platform. With roofing sales, you’ll feel in control because your days will be spent seeking new business while managing exciting roofing projects. Independent and determined individuals who crave self-reliance find this aspect of the job an ideal fit.

5. Financial Possibilities

According to Zip Recruiter,the average 2018 annual pay for a Roofing Sales Representative across the U.S. is $76,696 a year.

A Roofing Sales Representative annual salary ranges from $25,500 to $119,000 nationally. This small spread of $93,500 indicates Roofing Sales Representative salaries are seeing little change across the country.

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job where you feel you’re getting a paycheck but not getting paid what you’re worth, then a career in the sales industry is something to consider.

6. Gain a Skill

Learning a new skill is always beneficial for your resume and future employment opportunities. If you come from the construction field and wish to work in a pen and paper environment versus picking up a hammer, a sales position is a fabulous option. You’ll develop a transferable skill you can take nearly anywhere.

7. Boost Confidence

Rejection isn’t easy, but it’s part of learning.  As your sales tactics improve you’ll master the basics of exploring customer needs and overcoming objections. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your buyer to earn their trust. This will build your confidence and help you develop a can-do attitude.

8. Become a Better Listener

Selling is about giving people what they want before they want it. If you don’t listen and acknowledge the concerns of a buyer you’ll have a difficult time closing. The best sales professionals are avid listeners who understand how to adapt to different personalities and purchasing types.

9. Get Satisfaction

Nothing feels better than closing a sale when you’ve worked diligently to influence a customer’s buying decision and to earn their trust. Knowing that you’ve accomplished both can boost your pride and help you feel satisfied with your work.

10. Freedom

Hate being tied to a desk all day? Sales careers provide flexibility from the daily grind. When you work as a roofing sales professional you’ll arrange your schedule to best manage your jobs. So long as you are driven to work hard, your day and pay will always be what you make of it. Unlimited growth. Personal accomplishments. Satisfaction. Freedom from the ties that bind.

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