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Roof Financing & Home Improvement Loans

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You know you need a new roof but maybe you’re not sure how to fund it. The cash in the bank won’t cover your insurance deductible, or perhaps it’s been set aside for another home improvement project. Nobody likes parting with cash, even for necessary repairs. Should you just wait and let the roof keep leaking, or bite the bullet and sign the dotted line? Here’s what you need to know about roof financing. Read more

Shingles Can Improve Home Value

Shingles Can Improve Your Home’s Value

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Are you sprucing up your home to boost curb appeal, or hoping to save money by reducing your cooling costs? If so, this is how new roofing shingles will improve your home’s value. Certainly, there are many home restoration projects that stir excitement. A kitchen remodel or a new walk-in closet complete with chandelier, to name a few. Read more